Alliance Bank

Alliance Banking Group was founded in early 2001 through a consolidation of 7 financial institutions, in which Multi Purpose Bank Berhad anchored the merger. The Group has enjoyed over five decades of rich history in contributing to the financial community in Malaysia with its innovative and entrepreneurial business spirit.

First commenced operations as Banque de L'indochine.

Changed name to Banque Indosuez.

Banque Indosuez was incorporated into the Malaysian French Bank Berhad.

Multi-Purpose Capital Holdings Berhad acquired a 70% stake in Malaysian French Bank.

The Malaysian French Bank became Multi-Purpose Bank.

Multi-Purpose Bank acquired Multi- Purpose Finance.

Multi-Purpose Bank was one of the ten anchor banks in the consolidation exercise of Malaysian financial institutions. M Plant acquired 70% equity in Multi Purpose Bank.

Alliance Banking Group was founded from the merger of 7 financial institutions; Multi-Purpose Bank Bhd, International Bank Malaysia Bhd, Bolton Finance Bhd, Bumiputra Merchant Bankers Bhd, Sabah Bank Bhd, Sabah Finance Bhd and Amanah Merchant Bank Bhd.

Merger of Alliance Finance and Alliance Bank

Alliance Merchant Bank acquired Kuala Lumpur City Securities (KLCS).

Vertical Theme bought a 30% stake in MPlant, the holding company of Alliance Banking Group.

Alliance Merchant merged with KL City Securities and was renamed Alliance Investment Bank Berhad. KL City Research changed name to Alliance Research.

AUT merged with ACAM and AIlliance Investment Management Bhd was formed

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