Hari Raya Promotion!!!

Get Your Warm Companions in Festive Season TODAY!

Buy any combination of 6 boxes (except dates), GET 1 box of Pineapple Tart (worth RM18.00) plus 1 exclusive Festive Paper Bag for FREE !!!

Select your choice!!!

Mocha Layer Cake

  • Traditional spiced layer cake baked with quality chocolate and coffee, unique and is iresistible.
RM14.40 (400g)

Chocolate Moist Cake

  • Moist and delectable cake combined with rich chocolate, sprinkled on top with chocolate chips, it's simply seductive!
RM 14.40 (400g)

Pandan Layer Cake

  • Fresh scented pandan flavoured layer cake, delicious but not oily, teatime favourite!
RM 14.40 (400g)

Steam Fruit Cake

  • A steamed cake densed with moist and delicious mix of fruits.
RM 14.40 (400g)

Cashew Nut Crunchy Cookies

  • A perfect combination of rich butter cookies combined with cashew nut, sprinkled with fresh roasted cashew nuts for rich nutty texture.
RM 18.00 (300g)

Pineapple Tart

  • Juicy pineapple paste with crumbly golden pastry, you just can't stop taking it.
RM 18.00 (490g)

Cornflakes Cookies

  • Rich in butter and topped with crunchy cornflakes, what a perfect combination!
RM 18.00 (300g)

Pandan Makmur Cookies

  • Pandan flavoured traditional Malay ghee and peanut cookies, smooth, fine texture that just melts in your mouth.
RM 18.00 (300g)

Dates with Mango & Almond

  • Either wrapped with California Roasted Almonf or dried mango slices, fresh Arabian Dates could intensify your eating pleasure.
RM 18.00 (300g)

For more info or any enquiries, please call +60123456721 or write in to iez21[at]yahoo.com / semutbiru[at]gmail.com

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