Introducing PSABOX - Converting Google Adsense PSA to Paying Ads!

community post from me.. :)

Fact #1: You Never Know How Much PSAs Being Served On Your Sites
Up to this moment, I have never seen any established method on how to measure this "ads space waste". You get up in the morning, login to Adsense page and see a little income you may have with your sites. There is impression, clicks and ecpm report - but you miss one thing. How many times your sites serves the PSA? Don't tell me you don't have any PSAs because you will never know until PSABox tell you so!

Fact #2: PSAs Are Just Another Non-Paying Piece Of Free Advertisement
You know this, right? How about having thousands of PSAs in a month, a week, or even a day? Imagine your ecpm rate, and do a math with it. There you go, the potential earning just gone with the PSAs. It is wise to do something with it, or else you are burning your time and sweat with the sites development for free!

Fact #3: It Is Legal To Change PSAs To Something Profitable
Yes! Changing PSAs to semething else is allowed. There is no such thing as abusing the Google Adsense TOS & Policy with it.

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