The HSBC Group has a remarkable history in banking and financial services. That history has left its mark and helped make us what we are today, one of the leading organisations in the modern financial world.

The Group's pride in its heritage is not merely a matter of nostalgia but rather it has shaped the character and business approach of the modern Group. Our track record of resilience, adaptability and innovation explains how we managed to succeed during times of rapid change-a constant challenge for us today in the financial sphere.

Although the Group's holding company, HSBC Holdings plc, was formed as recently as 1991, many of its members opened for business over a century ago and have expertise in their home and international markets.

The Group began with an international outlook, with particular strengths in China, the Middle East, South East Asia, Europe, the Americas and Africa. Now, the HSBC Group comprises of a number of different financial institutions, which collectively provide a comprehensive range of financial services - commercial banking, merchant banking and capital markets, consumer finance, securities, investment and insurance - all under one global umbrella.

In recent years, the traditional strengths of the Group such as trade finance have been developed and supplemented with new skills and financing techniques. The Group is a leader in electronic banking technology, and has significant capital markets and treasury capabilities in all the major international money centres.

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